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The main reasons why a person wants beets are alarming signals to the body.

The benefits of beets for the human body is undeniable. Each summer resident for this culture must assign a separate bed, because knows about its beneficial properties and that the vegetable is well stored and does not lose vitamins and other trace elements. Since ancient times, beets have been widely used in cooking for the preparation of first, second courses and snacks, and it is also known about the use of vegetables by Russian beauties for cosmetic purposes to give blush to cheeks.

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What to do if a rabbit has red urine

The fact that rabbits, like their relatives, hares, is extremely shy, everyone knows. But not everyone knows that these animals are subject to stress on all sorts of reasons, up to weather changes, to such an extent that they may even change the color of their urine. The sensitive rabbit body quickly reacts to all sorts of external and internal stimuli, so experienced breeders do not panic for each such manifestation, but try to quickly find the cause and eliminate it, as, for example, in cases when these animals turn red into red.

Fern flower: myth or reality?

Fern plants appeared on Earth more than 400 million years ago, long before the birth of the first man. Our ancestors endowed them with magical properties. For example, legends say about the existence of their rare flowers. Let's see if this can be true. Botanical description of the culture Fern - is one of the oldest herbaceous plants.

Typical representatives of aspen birds with description

Aspen mushrooms - a type of edible mushrooms with a thick leg and a dense cap. These representatives of wildlife grow in the forests of Eurasia and North America. Due to the fact that none of the species of this fungus is poisonous, few people distinguish between them. Let's see what types of aspen species are and what their characteristics are.

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Use of Bi 58 drug for potato moth and other pests

The drug Bee 58 is new - copes with potato moths and other types of insects, including mites. It protects many species of cultivated plants and has a number of positive properties: it protects pears, potatoes, grapes, barley, alfalfa, oats, rye, wheat and other plants from many pests; valid for a long time (2-3 weeks); does not affect the growth and development of plants; goes well with fungicides and fertilizers.

Features of cultivation and characteristics of large-fruited high-yielding varieties of tomato "Miracle of the Earth

The holiday season is getting closer and closer. Gardeners and gardeners are seriously considering what to plant this year in the garden beds. There is a very good option for all lovers of large-fruited tomatoes, this is the Miracle of the Earth. About what characteristics this variety possesses, whether there are features and difficulties in its cultivation, whether it is inclined to be sick and how you will resist to pests you will learn from our article.

The reasons for which the rabbit and the rabbit die

The death of animals in households gives a lot of trouble and significant damage. About the causes of deaths among rabbits and their offspring during childbirth and after them will be discussed in this article. Peculiarities of the generic process The sukrolnaya rabbit gains peace, has a good appetite, drinks abundantly, shows complete indifference to the male, and when trying to cover behaves aggressively, responds to the male with a complete refusal.

Useful greens - spinach. Tips on how to cook and eat it properly

A person’s daily menu should consist of fresh fruits, vegetables, as well as greens. A healthy product is spinach. In this article we will take a detailed look at what kind of greens is, how best to use it fresh, boiled and dried, what dishes you can do with it. Let's provide an opportunity to see how this plant looks in the photo, and get acquainted with its brief description.

Tinker Horse

Tinker, Irish or Gypsy Kob, Gypsy Harness, Irish Worker, Local Pinto - all this is the name of the same breed of very beautiful and interesting horse, which in just twenty years of its official existence has gained immense popularity all over the world. The origin of the breed As you can guess from the above names of the breed, it is a hybrid of Irish and Gypsy horses.

How to choose a spruce for the garden

The decoration of any suburban area will be a beautiful shrub. If you want to fill the yard with bright colors, you should definitely plant an euonymus. This unique plant will delight with beauty even in the autumn period, when most flowers will fade. We suggest to get acquainted with the most common varieties of shrub euonymus.

Pandanus (screw palm) - features of care and cultivation at home

Palma Pandanus - a beautiful bushy plant, but not very suitable for breeding in the apartment. It can grow to an impressive size in a short period of time, because it is usually placed in spacious halls with high ceilings. You also need to keep in mind that the edge of the leaves is covered with small spikes, which can injure pets and children.

Chicken droppings: how to prepare, save and apply

Perhaps, one of the most popular organic fertilizers for a garden and a kitchen garden was, is and will be chicken manure. It is popular not only because of its special beneficial properties, but also because it is always at hand, and even if you do not have a dozen chickens around the yard, you can easily find this tool in the store at a very nice price.

Making a broiler drinker with your own hands

The maintenance of farm animals requires rather big investments, so every farmer wants to save at least on the purchase of equipment that can be made with his own hands. For a start, you can build a water bowl for boilers. To do this, do not even have to buy materials, because they can be found in almost every owner. What is needed for this is to find out further.