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"Prestige" from the Colorado potato beetle: how to process potatoes before planting

The main pest of potatoes is still the Colorado potato beetle. For many years, gardeners are trying to find an effective tool in the fight against it. Of all known today, one of the best is the prestige beetle drug. What is this tool and what are its features, we will tell further. "Prestige": description, composition and release form The drug is a concentrated suspension, which is diluted in different proportions, depending on the method of application.

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Birds of Exotic Beauty - Paduan Chickens

Paduan Chicken is a rare and incredibly beautiful type of poultry. It has a lush, ray-shaped tuft covering the entire head. Padua known since antiquity. For a long time they were bought only for decorative purposes. Already in the 18th century, Russian peasants began to use the Paduans as layers and meat source.

What if petunia has a bloom on the leaves or they become sticky, and why is this happening?

Petunia is an aromatic, sun-loving plant. Many varieties with different colors allow you to create original flower beds, without resorting to planting other flowers. According to the shape of the bushes, petunias are divided into bush, ampelous and cascading. By the number of flower petals distinguish simple and terry. It grows well on fertilized soil, does not like alkaline and sour soil.

Horse gait

The term "gait" is probably familiar to people involved in equestrian sports, because their horses must not only walk calmly, but also run, and in completely different ways. The step, the lynx, the amble and the popular equestrian gallop are only the main types of movements of the animal, but it is not difficult to teach him other tricks of movement.

Features of feeding dry cows

The dry period can be called a kind of "vacation" or "rest" for the cow from the main obligation to give milk. However, this stage is extremely important to bookmark further milk production, successful calving, the birth of healthy and strong offspring. Therefore, dry cows require even more attention than in other periods.

Indenermental Hybrid - Sweet Cherry Tomato F1: photo, description and growing features of the "candy tree"

Miniature and very tasty cherry tomatoes are in high demand in stores, and gardeners give them due attention. The abundance of varieties and hybrids makes it possible to choose the most suitable option for different regions. One of the most interesting offers is the popular hybrid “Sweet Cherry”, distinguished by high yield, unpretentiousness and excellent taste of fruits.

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Growing curly strawberries: planting and caring for berries at the dacha

Fragrant, juicy, sweet berry, the favorite of children and adults - strawberries. It is not easy to imagine that someone can not love her. Strawberry is a reminder of the summer that you want to extend. Is there a curly strawberry? The ability of certain varieties of remontant strawberries to produce crops not only on the main bush, but also on small rosettes - is used by unscrupulous companies in order to increase sales.

How often do ostriches lay eggs

Ostrich eggs - a delicacy that is gaining increasing popularity. To taste they look like chicken, but the huge size makes them a real delicacy. And it is also a very useful product from which you can prepare interesting dishes. How to do this, what taste properties are endowed with eggs, what are valuable and why gourmets like it, we will tell below.

Tomato "Casanova" - high-yielding variety

Tomatoes "Casanova" belong to mid-season, high-yielding varieties of tomatoes. A distinctive feature of this variety is an elongated fruit shape that is unusual for a tomato. Further in the article we will consider a detailed description of the variety and a description of the fruits, the rules of agricultural engineering and harvesting, as well as the reasons why the tomato "Casanova" was so fond of gardeners, and how to get the maximum yield from the site.

Methods of harvesting dogwood for the winter

Cornel is a shrub or a short tree, migrated to us from the Caucasus and is seriously rooted in the lands of Ukraine, Moldova and Russia. Dogwood translated from Turkic means "red". Its scarlet-colored berries contain a huge amount of anthocyanins, vitamin C and pectin substances. The benefits of dried cornel Cornel is a storehouse of nutrients and vitamins.

Choosing a tray rabbit and teach him to the toilet

The content of the rabbit in the conditions of the house or apartment I want to make as comfortable as possible for the animals, and for themselves. For this, in addition to acquiring a suitable place to live, you need to teach eared to defend the need in one particular place. How to do this, we discuss in this article. Is it possible to accustom rabbits to the tray? Rabbits, although they are little panties, are not stupid at all, they are easy to train and remember the commands, so there should be no difficulty with learning.

Answer the eternal question: is it possible to freeze onions, green onions and leeks for the winter?

Today, more and more housewives choose the most profitable and convenient way of harvesting food for the winter - freezing. This is due to the fact that when frozen, the maximum amount of vitamins and nutrients is preserved, as well as the shape, color, aroma and taste. In addition to vegetables and fruits, onions are subject to freezing - a vegetable, without which neither borscht, nor appetizing stew, nor various kinds of salads can be imagined.

Hoya Kerry: Home Care Features

One of the most romantic plants is a tropical bush called "Hoya Kerry": the shape of its leaves ideally follows the shape of the heart. She gets on very well at home and, with proper care, is ready to please her hosts with fragrant inflorescences. Description Hoya Kerry belongs to the genus of evergreen tropical vines.

Features of the radish variety “French breakfast”: description, rules of care and cultivation, photos, and much more

Radish French breakfast is now gaining popularity. And there are a number of reasons for this: early shoots, the possibility of growing both in an open garden and in greenhouse conditions. If you comply with all the conditions of growing French breakfast, cylindrical vegetable will rise within 27 days. The article describes the main varietal characteristics and rules for growing, collecting and storing the crop.

How to plant and grow cucumbers "Alligator"

Cucumber - one of the most consumed vegetables. Fresh and juicy pulp not only nourishes, but also carries a lot of vitamins that a person needs. Fresh salads, pickles, sliced ​​- everywhere this vegetable is appropriate. Among the many types of cucumbers can be distinguished hybrid called "Alligator F1". What makes it interesting and how to grow it - further in the article.

The use of onions: the benefits and harm to health

Onion - a perennial herb belonging to the family onion. Homeland plants - Southwest Asia. One of the most common vegetable crops. It is used in cooking, medicine, cosmetology. Did you know? The ancient Egyptians called onions "the plant of the gods" and were convinced that the whole world was built after the example of a large multi-layered onion.

Useful properties of radishes, and how it is used in traditional medicine

Radish is one of the usual, beloved and healthy vegetables in our latitudes. However, few people know the actual scale of its beneficial properties and the possibility of using the plant in life. In this material we will try to evaluate all its advantages. Radish: a terrific composition So, why is radish useful? It contains vitamins PP, group B, and vitamin C.