How to apply "Mospilan" (methods of use and dosage)

Every agronomist knows that planting and sprouting vegetables, fruits, and indeed any crops on the site - this is not a reason to sigh with relief. It is important to preserve the future harvest and not to allow pests and diseases to spoil it.

There are many methods of protecting plants from pests, among which is the creation of unfavorable conditions for their appearance, the improvement of the protective properties of plants, the application of fertilizers, and even the premature harvesting of crops, so that pests do not have time to profit.

In this article we will talk about the chemical protection of plants against diseases and pests, namely, about an insecticide of systemic action called "Mospilan". This drug was invented and patented in 1989 by the Japanese chemical enterprise Nippon Soda.

Description and composition

The active ingredient of the insecticide "Mospilan", according to the instructions, is acetamiprid 200 g / kg, which belongs to the group of neonicotinoids. It is a highly effective substance of systemic action. It affects insects in various stages of growth - larvae, eggs and adults.

Did you know? The use of "Mospilan" in granules makes it possible to protect the plant without spraying. It is sufficient to evenly distribute the granules on the surface of the soil.

Mechanism of action

The mechanism of action of "Mospilan" is very simple: after spraying, it is absorbed in the shortest possible time by parts of the plant and spreads throughout its body. As a result, the insects that ate the plant treated with Mospilan die. Acetamiprid destroys the central nervous system of insect pests. Besides, protective barrier after treatment with the drug is valid up to 21 days. About what plants is suitable "Mospilan" and how to breed it, read on.

Important! Beware of fakes "Mospilana". Packages of 100 g and 1000 g do not exist.

Instructions for use

The drug "Mospilan" (2.5 g), according to the instructions for use, should be diluted in 1 liter of water, then pour another 10 liters of water. A solution of this concentration is used for the treatment of indoor plants.

One bag of "Mospilan" is enough for processing the territory up to 1 hectare. Next, consider dosages for different cultures.


When processing grain crops from thrips, harmful turtles, aphids, the consumption rate is 0.10-0.12 kg / ha. The recommended number of treatments is 1.

Tomatoes and cucumbers

When processing tomatoes and cucumbers, including greenhouses, from the whitefly, melon and other aphids, thrips, the consumption rate is 0.2-0.4 kg / ha. The recommended number of treatments is 1.


To protect against the Colorado potato beetle, as indicated in the instructions for use, “Mospilan” should be diluted in a proportion of 0.05-0.125 kg / ha. The recommended number of treatments is 1.

The most popular drugs for the fight against the Colorado potato beetle are: "Aktara", "Inta-vir", "Iskra Zolotaya", "Calypso", "Karbofos", "Komandor", "Prestige".


For the destruction of beet pests beet (weevil, beet flea, leaf beet aphid), you need to use 0.05-0.075 kg / ha. The recommended number of treatments is 1.


The norm of "Mospilan" for the protection of sunflower from the locust is 0.05-0.075 kg / ha. The recommended number of treatments is 1.

Apple tree

To protect the apple tree from the invasions of the stalk, aphids, moths, apple leafworms, the following dosage of 0.15-0.20 kg / ha should be used. To protect against all types of scale insects, the dose of "Mospilan" should be increased - 0.40-0.50 kg / ha. The recommended number of treatments - 2.

Processing of fruit trees "Mospilan" is carried out according to the instructions for use for the garden - 0.2-0.4 kg / ha.

Did you know? Before planting potatoes, you can further treat the tubers "Mospilanom", this will increase protection against pests living in the ground.

Compatibility with other drugs

Insecticide "Mospilan" blends well with other preparations for treating plants against pests. The exceptions are drugswhich give a strong alkaline reaction when mixed, for example, Bordeaux mixture, and preparations containing sulfur. Before use, carefully read the composition and recommendations for use.

Security measures

Although this insecticide belongs to the 3rd hazard class (moderately hazardous substance), care must be taken when using it.

First of all, it concerns the safety when spraying - Be sure to wear protective equipment (gloves, respirator, protective clothing). Smoking during spraying is prohibited. The recommended insecticide use time is early morning or evening. It is also desirable to take into account the weather on the day of treatment with “Mospilan” - it is desirable that the precipitations should go no earlier than 2 hours after spraying. After completion of the work, the hands, face and other open areas of the body should wash thoroughly with soap. Packing from "Mospilan" must be burned. It is forbidden to throw it into the water.

Important! In case of contact with eyes, rinse. their plenty of water. If ingested, drink activated carbon and drink a few glasses of water. In the event of unpleasant symptoms, an urgent need to consult a doctor.

Benefits of using

So, to summarize and find out what exactly distinguishes "Mospilan" from other pesticides and insecticides:

  1. Versatility of use. This drug works equally well with pests of melons, grains and vegetables, fruit trees, flowers and ornamental plants.
  2. Low toxicity to pollinating insects (bees, bumblebees).
  3. Does not possess phytotoxicity.
  4. Does not cause persistence in pests and retains long-term biological effectiveness (up to 21 days).

Storage conditions

"Mospilan" should be stored in a dry and hard-to-reach place for children and animals. It is forbidden to store its next door to food. The solution in diluted form can not be stored.

The ambient temperature should be between -15 and +30 ° C. With proper storage conditions, the effectiveness of the drug is not reduced.

On the benefits of "Mospilan" you can write or talk a lot. But the best proof of the effectiveness of its work will be the safety of your harvest.

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